What is a funded Forex account?

A funded Forex account is nothing more than an account that is fully funded with the capital of a third party. Prop trading firms offer funded Forex accounts to talented or professional Forex traders to grow their capital.

The funded trading is beneficial for both parties. A trader has immediate access to trading capital so they can begin trading significant amounts of capital from day one. The trader is also not emotionally involved with the capital, so they can focus on purely rational decisions. On the other hand, the prop trading firm sees its capital increasing because of the excellent work of its traders.

Typically, the profit is equally split between the FX trader and the FX prop firm. This gives both parties the benefits of substantial profits while each one is bringing value to the table, be it trading capabilities or risking capital.

  • Good variety of liquid Assets
  • Excellent spreads
  • User friendly Platform interfaces 
  • Multiple product options to choose from
  • One-time payment with no monthly recurring fee
  • Credentials sent to you within 24 hours!
  • 24/5 support is available
  • Accept payments VIA credit card, debit card and cryptocurrency.
  •  Allow anyone to open an account with us except for people from the following states in the USA: Arkansas (AR) Iowa (IA) Mississippi (MS) Missouri (MO)

RISK WARNING: No risk of your own capital !!

RISK WARNING: Your commitment fee might be at risk if you do not pass evaluation